Meet Michelle

Born in Texas on the border of Mexico to hard working immigrant parents, Michelle was brought up in family business. Now 17 years after it’s inception, this business proudly boasts a track record of high profit margins while upholding a company motto of “providing opportunity to others in the local community.”* Joining her parents on the turbulent ride that is entrepreneurship from age 7, Michelle quickly learned that the success of her family’s company depended on its ability to adapt to a changing economy and maintaining meaningful relationships with their customers and clients.

Starting a business

Today, Michelle is taking modern capabilities by storm and bringing the things she learned at a young age to e-commerce. She studied history and political science at Columbia University in New York and is currently learning how to code (working on Python and Java) so that she can go back to school some day and master what she considers “the floodgates to big ideas.” For now, since she can’t seem to stay in one city for too long (even though New York City is home base), but also loves working with enthusiastic and dedicated people that are solving the world’s problems through entrepreneurship, she has created a new life style for herself to accommodate all of her business interests and desires to live around the world.

Michelle has worked with start-ups, food & beverage concepts, small businesses, family businesses, non for profit organizations, and corporate offices on various marketing and development projects and is also a small business consultant specializing in management and digital PR. She has worked with both remote and “on the ground” teams, as well as with international and global teams.

Michelle truly is a millennial. A fearless leader that isn’t afraid to challenge conventional ways, she aims to connect people around the world with useful products, experiences, and services by stimulating meaningful dialogue between brands and their customers online.

Michelle founded Marketing Like A Millennial to “put her money where her mouth is,” and to provide a space online for her team members and clients to find all of the techniques, strategies, and knowledge she uses to connect people and companies all in one place.

brandingMarketing Like A Millennial is currently on a trajectory to be a Full Service Web Marketing & Digital PR Firm by the end of 2015. As a service provider, Marketing Like A Millennial is dedicated to offering strategy and implementation services for businesses, organizations, and non-profits looking to fully leverage the internet. Services include media marketing, content marketing, blog design and development, training, consulting, and speaking. Search engine optimization and website design and conversion are services to be added in the next phase of company growth.

*At some point Michelle will write a bit more about being the daughter of immigrant parents who decided to create their own flea-market at the age of 21 and how they achieved their dream of helping hundreds of small business owners on both sides of the Mexico-Texas border. Also, her parents were serial entrepreneurs and many of their ventures are still going strong today. Michelle’s parents were just the first examples of meaningful entrepreneurship that she has been able to witness growing up in Texas and now, living in New York City.

Feel free to reach out to Michelle directly at You can even shoot her a text and she might be up for a cup of coffee if you are in New York City.

You can also find and connect with Michelle on any of her personal accounts:

  • Twitter – visit her here for quick snippets of things that catch her eye online
  • Facebook – visit her here for things she likes to share with family and close friends
  • LinkedIn – visit her here for more information on her professional and academic achievements

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